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Livin' the dream with hakuna matata!

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It’s a strange strange world!

So one of my favorite places to burn time and feel like I’m still doing something constructive is Pinterest…It’s just amazing. But as with anything in this country there are quiet a few…how should I phrase this…abnormally strange people that choose to post equally abnormally strange pictures! If you don’t understand what I’m saying (neither do I 😉 ) let me show you…

First there are these kinds of poor humans:

Then of course what would we do without our rednecks!

              <<<< Great pick-up line right??? 😉

Then there are those cherished pictures we all look back at and grimace:

Then there are the just plain awesome pictures:

So there ya go…My summary of strange things on this fair planet! (believe me there will be more to come!)

Well have a good night!

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao baby




In my mind…I am a Kenyan

I just started training for my half marathon in March (wahooooo!!!!) I was super excited until realized how much I need to work 😦 after my morning run I decided to call my pace the pity shuffle.

How I feel (epic sunrise and everything):

And how I’m pretty sure I look (bulging eyes and all):

So yeah I wouldn’t exactly call myself a pro…but hey! I’m working on it! 😉

Have a good day! Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!


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Worth the price paid

He walked in the blood of his people. His huge foot print leaving a mark in the scarlet red. Abraham Lincoln is a name everyone in this country and around the world recognizes. And for good reason. He risked his all for the people of our country and for those that wore chains. Our family went to go see the movie “Lincoln” last night. It was awesome. I honestly don’t think that I have ever admired anyone are much as I did Mr. Lincoln after that movie. He died giving the people of this country a better life. What did we give back?

Well…..Have a good Thanksgiving! 😉

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I love math! -Said no one ever…

School….That dreaded word…But people I really don’t think its that bad! But that’s because of one reason. I’m Home schooled. Weird right? No. If you don’t know what this is…its pretty self explanatory… I go to school…at home. My mom is my teacher and my dad is the principle…Its purty basic actually. But the main question we get asked is….”Are you socialized?” and “Do you have any friends”..I mean how do you even answer that? “I’m talking to you aren’t I?” or maybe “Do I really act like somebody with no friends?” I mean there are some home schoolers that look like this…

     And this         
But its not exactly typical to meet one of these people! Personally I think Home schoolers are rockin’ awesome…But that’s not exactly the popular belief… This next picture pretty much sums up everything…

But anyways…I am home schooled and proud of it!

Have a good night!
Ciao baby and hakuna matata!!




On Tuesday (election day) the top sentence that people Googled was….Are you ready for this? “Who is running for president?” SERIOUSLY?? Are we THAT clueless? You’d think people would take the time every four years to pay attention to who’s running our country or is going to run our country! But thank God not ALL is lost! My fair country maybe in shambles but…My state isn’t! North Carolina truly did the best in electing republicans!! Yay!! At least we won’t all go into a depression at once!! 😉 But in other news….The holidays are coming up! I can’t wait to see all my family again! We also have a TON of traditions that we try to keep up with each year! We started one for Thanksgiving a few years ago…We watch this movie…

The TV version of course…;)

For Christmas we have WAY to many for me to tell you but there’s a couple I’ll tell ya about…

The first is we ALWAYS decorate our tree as a whole family…We usually get together about a week before Christmas and make a night of it!  We decorate the tree (of course)

Then we go downstairs and decorate sugar cookies…

(BTWs this is a REALLY old picture…Meaning six years 😉 )

After that we watch the “Christmas Carol”

Thus ends that night of tradition…But don’t worry I have tons more to tell ya about!

Well….I gots ta go…

Ciao Baby and Hakuna Matata!


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I can write about political stuff too!!

Actually I’m not going to write my opinion about the coming election but I do want to say that wherever you stand in your political beliefs you HAVE to vote!! And to be honest you shouldn’t think of not voting as an option! I mean people…Tomorrows results will determine not only the next four years but most likely the future of America. We CAN’T take four more years with our current president! OK so maybe I did just give my opinion…But I had no choice! 😉  So are you gonna vote? Are you gonna take action in changing your future?


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Valerie and Hannah

OK people, I can’t tell you anything else without introducing the two people that I couldn’t live without! The first is my beautiful best friend Valerie Ariel

I’ve known Val for about twelve or so years…And lemme tell ya, I have never been closer to anyone outside of my family more than Val. We are the of best friends and have been for years. It got really hard though when her family was called to Bocachica, Colombia as missionaries. Cause you know its not the same talking to them through some kind of technology as it is in person….But at least I can talk to her in some form!! But anyways, she is truly amazing and I wish all of you could get to know her!! Oh, also….GUESS WHAT!!!?? I am going to visit her (Lord willing) in January!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am!!

But anyway, I’m sure I’ll tell you more about her in many future posts! The next person I would like to introduce you to is Hannah, my sister….I showed you her picture in my first post but you could BARELY see her awesomeness so here’s another picture!

Isn’t she beautiful??? Hannah is ten years older than me and currently she lives in Virgina Beach. Hannah and I weren’t always close though. For a LONG time I didn’t necessarily appreciate her like I should’ve. But, about two or three years ago we started getting really close and to be honest I don’t understand why in the world I wasn’t close to her for so many years, for truly she is an amazing person and a HUGE role model for me.

So there ya go! These are my best friends and to really understand me…you have to know them!

Hope y’all are having a good weekend!

Ciao baby and….yet again remember, Hakuna Matata!