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I am not a morning person.

Hey people! I hope y’all are doing well….So, last night my sis and I decided to watch “Miss Congeniality” at 11:30…awesome movie…terrible choice. Because the next morning at 7:30 I felt like this……

Owl          I know I looked like this…..    Owl


and I felt like doing this…..


Also, Hollywood knows nothing…

Waking up

Also, I believe this argument is completely valid.

Kill those people

First world problems.

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby and have a horrible New Year (what? I want to mix it up a little!)


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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Well…The holiday season is almost over! We had an AWESOME time! Here are a few things we did…

When my sis came home for Thanksgiving…This is what happens when we’re alone with technology… 🙂


IMG_1616<<<<Yeah, don’t ask…

We can be normal but…seriously! Whats the fun in that?

Our whole family got together and decorated the tree and sugar cookies…


Caleb’s pregnant Ginger Woman…and Celia’s Tic Tac Toe


And my retarded reindeer…


After this we broke tradition and watched “Elf”….I love this movie…;)

We went to both of my Grandparents houses and then to my Uncles house and did Christmas in all three…it was so much fun! I got lots of awesome presents but the best part about the whole holiday was Tuesday and yesterday when we were able to hang out with just our family… it was the best Christmas yet! I am so incredibly blessed with a family like mine and I would NEVER trade them for anything else in the world!

Thus completes Christmas for 2012…Next year I know will be even more amazing but for now…I’m content.

Ciao Baby!

Hakuna Matata!






Hope in the darkness

Last Friday a tragedy happened in our country. I’m sure all of you have heard about the shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut. The man entered the school and murdered 20 kids and 6 adults. He later killed himself. This was the biggest killing in the United States since VA tech. But even before everything was cleared up people  began blaming the killings on the instrument that was used. They weren’t even blaming the psychological problems in the mans life. They believe that if we were to outlaw guns in a domestic setting it would solve the problem. I don’t agree. For one reason, on the same day as the killing in Connecticut a man in China went into a elementary school with a machete and stabbed several children. So even if we outlawed guns nothing would really be changed. If you are that determined to kill people you will use whatever you can.

But even in all this there was hope.


This woman is Victoria Soto. When the man came into the school she hid the kids in cabinets and closets. She told the man that they were all gone. He shot her and then left. She saved all of those children’s lives. She is a hero in anybodies book. Even though there are so many problems in this world there are people like her. People that respect the value of humen life and will do anything to protect it.


Once upon a time…

This show:

Once upon a time

Is epicness at its finest. Seriously one of the best (If not THE best) I have ever watched. The story is genius, the actors and actresses super talented, and just whoa…It’s awesome! I seriously feel like I should be in some dweeby fan club. It’s my fave. But, I also realize that there are other TV shows that people love. So, I wanna know, what’s your most favoritest (totally a word) show that’s airing now or one that aired 50 years ago (please know that you will be revealing your age)! TELL ME! 😉

Have a good day people!

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao baby!



Just cause you can…doesn’t mean you should…

Hey Guys!

I hope y’all are doing well….not sick I hope? So I had an inspiration a couple minutes ago that I wanna share. Have you ever gotten a, how should I say this….Interesting…sweater from Grandma? Or maybe had another interesting experience at Walmart? Well I wanna show you a few I’ve come across of late…

Just because you CAN have a natural pig on your skull….Doesn’t mean you should!!

Pig<<<THIS…is apparently a new fad….No, I’m not kidding.

Just because you CAN wear a hat of strange and gigantic proportions….Doesn’t mean you should!!

Hat<<<And this was at the royal wedding….Not her best choice.

Just because you CAN grow facial hair….Doesn’t mean that you should!!!

Hair<<<Luke Fox, don’t get any ideas… 😉

And finally my fave…..Just because you can crochet……DOESN’T mean you should!!!!


OR a  full body suit!

Body Suit

So…Leaving you with these pleasant images I hope you have a good night!

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!


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Hey People!

How have y’all been? Our family’s doing awesome… we’re all really excited that my sister Hannah and my brother Luke are coming home in a WEEK!!!! Also, we are nearing the end of school for the semester so I had a purty big test in my writing class and these were the reactions I saw from my friends…

Stress               Confusion

And my favorite…

Completely Adorable<<<Seriously have you ever seen anything cuter?

So long story short I passed and now I am on easy street! (until January)

Well…I hope y’all have a good weekend!

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao baby!




Which one ya goin’ to?

Hey People! I hope y’all are having a good weekend…There are lots of good movies that are coming to theaters this month…The main ones being these two fantastical ones!

The Hobbit

the hobbit

Les Miserable

Les miseralblessss

The Hobbit has a  awesome cast…pretty much the same people from Lord of the Rings except of with a slight change….There are dwarfs…The leader dwarf is played by the dude in the center…


The upside of this is that this dude is purty attractive…the downside(literally)… is he’s a dwarf. 😉

Then there’s Les Miserable…and whoa…just wowza. The cast is dadgum incredible and I CAN’T wait till it comes out!!!

So people I want answers. Are you gonna see The Hobbit, Les Miserable, both, or neither(lame)??? Tell me por favor!

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!