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Ahhh airports…the home of all creeps. Two weeks ago I went on a trip to Colombia, South America. I’ll tell you more about the actual trip later but for now, I have to tell you of the joys of airports. There were several stereotypical things I noticed in all three airports I visited. Let me share them with you…

***WARNING*** over-exaggerations. likely.

1. The Airport security that have absolutely NO sense of humor or joy in their life.

TSA Debuts Full Body Imaging Screeners At O'Hare Airport

2. The old people

2011-04-05-18-29-05<<< Cute right…:/

The confused Asians….

Jackie chan

The screaming children…


The people that were literally made of neon colors….


And finally the in the airport in Miami they didn’t speak ENGLISH!¬†Seriously! ūüėČ

Then in the airplanes it was an equally strange¬†experience…

There were more screaming children…

screaming kid

Suspicious airplane food…

Gross food<<<I think I just hurled….

Sleeping people…


And the helpful people that speak every language…but yours.

Flight attendent

But in all seriousness it was an AWESOME trip and even the airports were a lot of fun…

OK people I gots ta go… have a good night!

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!




Colombia Bound

Hey People!

I hope y’all are havin’ a good day…So guys, remember my post a LONG time ago? (meaning like early Nov. :)) I told you guys that lord willing I would be able to see this woman again….


Well people the time has come….this SATURDAY I’m going to Colombia!!!! WHAHOOOO!!!!!!

Overly Excited                                       excited

I’m all packed


Now I just have to wait…

Bored                           waiting old people

and I’ve finally decided….


Well even if I don’t got time fo dat…I gotta wait anyway…;)

I can’t wait to see you Val!

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!



I do not like animals.

Ok so possibly I exaggerate. possibly.¬† I guess I like animals sometimes but then there are these times…This is how I see all small felines…

ugly cat         cat

This is how I see all dogs…

ugly dog                freakish dog

I don’t see the beauty in this…

ugly animal     or this..llama<<<<Yes, this is a llama with a freakish haircut.

Ok so I know that not ALL animals look like these beauts… but, that’s what they look like through my eyes. Maybe I should watch the animal planet sometime so I can appreciate even the freakish forms of nature. But I think that if I ever were to watch “Whale Wars” “Must Love Cats” or “Snake Man of Appalachia” I would drive off a cliff…or at least lash out irrationally at inanimate objects. So you know, I should probably stick to food network, ESPN and other safe programs…;)

Is there an animal that you really just can’t look at without gagging? Tell me! I want to know the important stuff like this! ūüôā

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao baby!