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Here’s to the Crazy Ones

A long time ago I found this quote on Pinterest,

Here's to the Crazy Ones

I love that. So much.

In case you’re scared, I’m not about to go on a typical adolescent rant about how I can’t wait to leave and never come back cause I’m gonna change the world and all…

It’s true I look forward to leaving Burlington

I’m also going to change the world

But I’m not going to go on rant.

My response to someone that does that to me is,




Cause ya know, I don’t care.

But anyway, Let me leave you with one more awesome quote in a cliche background of a shoreline,

Explore, Dream, Discover

Hakuna Matata people!

Ciao Baby!




I love eating.

I am not ashamed of that fact.


Of course I realize that there’s a limit to the amount you should consume.

Fat kid

For some people food can be controlling…

Large one

A life saver…(not the delicious candy)


A job…

Gordan Ramsey

But for most people, food is simply a hobby…When I was little I don’t remember being very interested in food…It was just ya know. Food. But as I got older…It became more, interesting.

This isn’t helpful in the summer time…

Bathing suits

But ya know.  It’s the price you gotta pay.

There is also no way to look like a complete fool when food is involved.

Lil baby fatty

All you gotta do is buy bigger clothes…Or not.


Well in the words of my brother…I may be fat, but you’re ugly…and I can diet! 😉

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!




pdf628     pdf629    pdf630

Needless to say, I am not an artist.

I receive drawing books and quickly burn them, they are all the SAME!

They go like this,

Draw oval:


Draw small perfect circle:

drawing #2


drawing #3


Good news, I’m not the only one!


Fan mail apparently, is not just a letter.

Huh. Improvement.


There are different kinds of drawing, for example:


da brows


Test spelling and grammar BEFORE.


Drawing lessons should be mandated.

Eh. I doin’ pretty good.

pdf631< that’s a mermaid for all you uncultured swine.

Have a good week, draw something for me! Just kidding. I do not want your drawings.


Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!


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3 Words I Hate

Hey People!

This is part two of my assignment…

There are not many words that I genuinely despise, but there are a few that REALLY get on my nerves! 😉

1. Can’t/Cannot

When I was little my older brothers and sister would tell me that I couldn’t do something, I, of course, would get mad and immediately do what they told me not to do! Once I grew up a little I changed the way I went about defying them, I would still do what they told me not to do, only I would do it in a more discreet way. 🙂 Ever since I can remember I have HATED when someone told me that I couldn’t/shouldn’t do something. Whether it be to ride their bike or throw a rock at their head. But you see I didn’t want to throw the rock at their head until they told me not to! 😉 That, of course, is the epitome of human nature. But while there is a time to humble yourself there is also a time to tune out the people telling you that you can’t do something and go after what you believe.

you'll fall for anything

2. Stress

Girls can get stressed over the most miniscule problems EVER. Guys are more chill but girls..Bring the paper bag! If you’re going to get stressed over something, get stressed about something that matters! If you get lipstick on you dress, big whoop, nobodies gonna notice. If your cat is dying, big whoop, nobodies gonna notice. 😉 That might be a bigger problem for some people but for me,

It’s not.


Anyway, I really cannot stand the word stress unless it’s used appropriately!

3. Totes

Totes- the abbreviation of totally.

For texting the use of totes is understandable. For any other use, it’s Totes not ok! Totes is just one of many abbreviations that have become really popular with the use of texting, but now they’re all being used in everyday language, bringing the I.Q. of our nation to an all time cray cray low. For girls, the use of abbreviations is not so bad, but when I hear guys using them…”Aight, hand in your man card.” Honestly, if you’re going to abbreviate something make the shortened version less….gay. 😉 Anyway, abbreviations are great for texting, not for everyday speech.


In conclusion, these are three words that I hate and why!

Have a freakishly awesome day! 😉

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!



3 Favorite Words

Hey People!

This year at my homeschool co-op I am taking English 101 and this is my assignment for this week.

Words are big deal to me. Being the outspoken person that I am…I typically say exactly whats on my mind…when it’s on my mind, without taking the time to actually process what I’m saying! I’m a lot like my dad…he says that we are often wrong…But never in doubt! I find myself engulfing crow pie way too much!

life of pie

Anyway! Back to the subject at hand, what are my three favorite words?

1. Sister

I adore my sister. I know I’ve told y’all about her multiple times…But seriously people, I couldn’t tell you enough about her! I only have one sister, true I have two sister-in-laws (who are both awesome!) but I just have one sister. So the word sister means SO much to me. It’s someone that knows me the best, someone that I can go on dates with, someone I can tell anything to, and someone who has seen the best and worst of me and still loves me anyway! I know it just sounded like I described my spouse. 🙂 But its just because I love her so much!


2. Travel

I want to travel. Ever since I can remember it has been my dream to go out and see the world. I just want to SEE it! I want to experience the cultures, meet the people, taste the food. I just want to go! That’s why this word is so important to me, it describes my dream.


3. Riddikulus

No, not ridiculous. It’s riddikulus. Honestly, this word doesn’t have some deep meaning like the other two did. I just adore saying riddikulus. It totally brightens up my day! There are a lot of words that we (mostly American’s) have come up with that are abbreviations or just an awesome way of saying an old word…like Riddikulus! 😉

Riddikulus used in a phrase…

Dat women is Riddikulus!

Riddikulus <<(hide yo kids, hide yo wife!)

So these are my favorite words and why!

Have a great weekend!

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!


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To download or to not download

Hey People!

I know its been a while but I’m back!

A couple of years ago I bought my dads old Ipod touch. This opened up for me a whole new world. One of my favorite things about the Ipod is of course the apps! There are about 40 bijillion apps available to us, some of them I love….some them should never have been brought to the drawing board. One of them being this beaut:


I have found with that snapchat is just an excuse to make this face..

Duck lips

and the app has quickly become this…


Another app I do not like is Instagram

InstagramI don’t like it for one reason…..everyone posts pictures of everything they have EVER done in their entire life on there! Frankly….I don’t care!

I don’t want to see this…

Instagramed cat

or this… at anytime during my day!

instagramed feet

There is one app that I LOVE…

This guy

Pandora Radio

This is seriously the only app that I use on my Ipod I turn it on then I over here like…

Susan boyle

Its pretty much…Awesome.

I also use this guy sometimes…

Netflix logo

This app is also pretty amazing…they have a really good selection…

It’s good to have snacks when you watch though…

Eating popcorn

So anyway…There’s my thoughts on the whole App crisis…

Have an awesome Labor day!

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!