Common Sense

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According to C.S. Lewis prudence means, practical common sense. It’s one of the four cardinals that most people agree on. I have to wonder sometimes if that is still in effect in today’s culture. No, I promise I won’t go into a end of world, no hope in humanity, government has completely gone to pot speech.  Those never get anyone anywhere. Instead, I’ll rant about being a teenager. Just you wanted to hear right? 😉

Teenagers can be complete morons.

Often, we show NO common sense.

We want to be normal, yet unique. Bold in our beliefs, without thinking differently from our peers. Smart, but not a genius. Cool, but not a punk. Popular, without the pressure. We basically want to be perfect. Without anyone knowing we are.

Our expectations for ourselves are never met.

We often just Fail.


But, once you get past those terrible teeny bopper years you can graduate and escape all the joy of being in high school. (or so I hear)

So I’ve decided to graduate early, I would love if y’all could come.

High school

But in all  seriousness, I wish you could skip the ole teenage years, gaining all the knowledge that you learn during them of course. But what other time in my life can I care about who has a crush on who? That information is vital to my existence. Thankfully, my friends have stopped coming to me with their drama. The reason behind this is because I react the same way, every time.


Glozell stare

Maybe I should try to calm them down….But I never really know how so I usually give them a love slap and walk away.

I think maybe I should take up counseling.

But anyway, while I’m not exactly known as the ultimate comforter to the needy, I want them to know that I don’t really want to join in their drama, I hope I can be the practical one. I’ve only learned how to be this by the examples that have come before me.  

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that while we teenagers can be morons, we are also the people that can make a difference in the people that we’re around. Not just our friends, but also our family members, our minions (also known as the people we babysit) and even our countries leaders. I think when other people see a teenager that’s different, not trying to fit in, they gain a new perspective on what we can actually accomplish. And it all starts with one teenager. One person who’s willing to be different. I want to be that person.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed my rant and that you will have a day full of magic and unicorns (See, I’m being different).

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!


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