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My Unrealistic Fear


When I was little I was terrified that I would be eaten alive in the deep end of a swimming pool. By what?

A shark.

Childhood ruiner

I knew that it would come into the filter vent thingys at the YMCA and attack me. For this reason I tried my best to not go into the pool with out someone else with me. Why?

They would get eaten first. I would stay close to the side for a quick getaway and leave them to die. I wasn’t worried that they didn’t stay at the side like me,

Your loss.

But sometimes I would forget that I was terrified and jump right into the pool.

Then I remembered,

Completely Adorable

I ain’t dyin’ taday!


Weird thing was, I wasn’t scared of sharks in the actual ocean.

This, was my death sentence.


It was a toughy…

And to be completely honest with you, I still have that heart stopping fear at times when I go to the pool.

Solution :

I have swam exactly once in a pool for the past year.

Fear now gone.

I’m feelin’ pretty bbbaaddd…


So for all you with a fear, follow my advice.

Have a good night

Hakuna Matata!
Ciao Baby!



4 thoughts on “My Unrealistic Fear

  1. Haha!! Good one!
    I stay out of the pool but for other reasons – I’m a bit of a germaphobe :/
    Terrifying looking shark!


  2. Thank you Susanna for the advice! Your brilliant! haha! Great post!


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