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A Salute


In the past year or so I have discovered something about myself.

This discovery was made while I was writing a Marine friend of mine.

I found out that I am much better at writing people than I am talking to them face to face. When I speak to people in person I always botch what I’m trying to say and it either comes out really mean or really awkward. But, as I wrote more I found the joy in proof reading and rewriting. It not only saved me from saying some awkward or weird sentences, it also allowed me to really put my thoughts together.

Whereas before I was just stumbling around for some concise thought. It never ended well and most of my conversations, ended quite awkwardly, with at least one party having this expression on their face:

Glozell stare

After finding this out I knew that whenever I had something important to say, I should say it in writing.

However, in the past few months, this has become a problem. Why?

There are four guys whom I count as friends that have all been in some form of military in the past couple years. When these guys return from their deployments or training and come to church I always feel like I should say something to them. Thing is, I never know what to say, or I think of it too late.  You may be thinking, how bout a simple “Welcome home” or “Thanks for you service.” Nothing is ever simple for me. I over think EVERYTHING. I wonder that if I say “welcome home” they might be thinking, “why does this little girl care?” or if I say “Thanks for your service” they may not want to be thanked! So you see, there is my dilemma. It may be of no importance to you, but it is to me. 🙂

Ok so long story still long, I have just decided to say everything that I wanted to in person, in writing. Maybe that’s the cowardly way out. But unfortunately for now, it’s my way.

Here goes nothin’,

Dear Jordan, Johnny, Jonathan, and David,

First off, WELCOME HOME! (I realize this is pretty late for 3 of you :/)

I know you have got to be SO happy to be able to see your families again! I’m sure it wasn’t easy to leave them.

Secondly, thank you so much for your service! I’m taking a debate class this year and every week we talk about the problems going on in our country, most of them having been caused by us acting like a bunch of morons. But it’s made me realize how much we don’t deserve the sacrifices that y’all make for us everyday. I wish that there was some way that we could pay you back, but I think that would involve us not acting like morons, and that probably won’t ever happen. 😀 But I still wish we could.

Lastly, I want you to know that I’m praying for you and your families. I know that there might be things that you’ll see and go through that I can’t even imagine, but I promise that I’ll be praying to the one that not only imagines but also can protect you.

I know I’m not in person, but I still salute you for your service.

God bless you



10 thoughts on “A Salute

  1. Great post, Susanna! I am proud of you. Love, Dad


  2. If it helps, you could always just carry around a marker board with you everywhere and write out your greetings. 😀 I think that’d be funny…


  3. Susanna,
    I’m a much better communicator via writing. So I know how you feel. Your Dad’s class in college helped with speaking. But I love the means of thinking over things, writing and re-writing. It allows me to present clearer thoughts. But we have to face the challenge of sharing them verbally as well. They may not be a clear and to the point all the time, but sometimes people just need to hear it. Keep walking out the challenge. (By the way you are a very good writer. I enjoy your blog posts plus you post pics of Ron Swanson and other funny characters that make me smile.)


  4. Amazing post! That was some really great writting from the heart. Thank you for writting this!


  5. Susanna, this is very well put and I, too can relate. Miss and love you!


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