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Happily Ever After

Within two weeks this month there are to be two weddings. One of them has already happened and it was exactly what a wedding should be, God honoring and completely beautiful.


Weddings seems to bring out the wishes that almost every girl wants, to live happily ever after with the person you love. We see pictures like the one above and think “That must be bliss,” we know in our hearts that we first have to completely fall in love with God before we can ever truly care for our husband, but it sometimes seems like it’s gonna take forever for that to happen! We just have to remember that somewhere out there is the person that we’re gonna love for the rest of our lives and since God’s timing is perfect, all we have to do is wait.

For some girls, this person is a cat. For others this person may only exist in your books and for the privileged, this person is a real man. 😉

Since I’m still waiting and have no desire to be in any kind of relationship there are several things about them that I don’t understand. Things that others think of as romantic or a good date idea while I’m over here thinking,


Underwater Kiss AKA, drowning.


Yeah, couldn’t do that.

Honeymoon? Heck to the dadgum No.


Couple Tattoos,

Couple tats

Hopefully we can tell your gender.

….I mean, ok. I see what you did there.


So maybe I’m just not very romantic, buuuuttt then again.

My idea of “happily ever after” would probably be traveling the world with muh man and doing any and everything that God calls us to, as long as that includes Europe. 🙂 But then again, there’s a good chance that getting married isn’t in my future, so if that’s the case, then I’ll do exactly what I planned before…just this time it’ll be God and I, and maybe a few dozen cats. 😉 Either way, I intend to live life to the fullest.

Franklin Quote

Hakuna Matata

Ciao Baby!


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I don’t consider myself grown up.

But at the same time, I believe my childhood is over. It was a bit inevitable, you know that completely awesome feeling that you getting when you swing?

Not anymore.


Or when the “obstacles” on the playground become a death sentence.


But maybe it’s all for the best.

Some of the greatest memories I have from growing up (I’m dddeefinitely still growing up. 🙂 ) come from the movies that we watched. Well, mainly the music from the movies.

I get reeeeaaallly emotional when the soundtrack of “Anne of Green Gables” “Toy Story” or “Winnie the Pooh” come on. Those suckers come on and,


Emotional basketcase.

And let me inform you. I am not an attractive crier.

On a scale from,

Brad Pitt                                                            to                                                              Tobey McGuire

Fantastic crier                                                                    Whoa.


When it comes to crying, I’m a strong Kim Kardashian.


But anyway, I’m not a technically a kid anymore (aren’t we all at heart?). But I’m also not quite an adult. Therefore I’m kidult.

A kidult who plans to practice her crying face.

The point to all of this is this question, what are the things that made your childhood?

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!

~Susanna, the greatest kidult in the world. (Just kidding, that title goes to Will Ferrell.)







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Lego Exhibit

When I was little my brothers and I loved to build stuff with Lego’s. I can remember playing with them for hours and hey, we weren’t to shabby at building stuff either. Well that’s what I thought until this past Thursday.

We had the opportunity to visit a Lego Exhibit at our local arts council building and let’s just say….It was freaking incredible. I know that probably sounds um, weird. But hey, it’s true.




These are just three of some pretty fantastic sculptures created by Nathan Sawaya and you can see the rest at his website: <if the link doesn’t work, copy and paste. 😉

Check it out!

Did you say no?

Huh uh!

Noooottt acceptable.

But anyway, the whole experience was rather humbling. When I was little, every Lego creation I built was, THE BEST.  I was THE BEST. K? That was my thought process. My projects were actually, well, less than impressive.


Lego Duck

Star Wars.

SO GOOD.<< Lil blurry, sooorrryy.

So, I was PRETty talented.

But Lego’s have their downside, there is no pain comparable to stepping on a Lego, barefoot.

Actually, is that really a downside, or a defense tactic?


Have a good night! And people, LOOK AT THE WEBSITE! You will not regret it.

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!




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Days the World Stops Turning

Books are so much more than pieces of cardboard, paper, and ink. They’re portals to worlds that we can’t visit. We can be anything we want to be for a few hours, lost in a place that the author and your own mind create. Maybe for some of you reading a book is more of a chore than anything else, but obviously you haven’t ever read a good book. When I read a book I become Katniss Everdeen, Tris Prior, Elizabeth Bennet, Scout Finch, Ester, and Anne Shirley. When I was little I WAS Laura Ingalls Wilder no one would ever tell me differently.

2007 096

It waassss a wake up call when I realized that ole Laura died 42 years before I was born. Understandably I was feeling a lil depressed for a few days…


But I finally moved onto bigger and better things…

Katniss Everdeen

I am Katniss Everdeen.

Juuuusssttt kidding, couldn’t hit a squirrel even if it was already dead.

But a person can dream.

I guess it depends on the person but for me, the characters in my books are my heroes, the people I aspire to be like.

Have a great weekend!

Hakuna Matata,

Ciao Baby!