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Tiny Adults

Children scare me.

I can’t really pinpoint why they scare me, maybe it’s how they stare at you when you’re sleeping, or maybe it’s how they laugh maniacally when you get hurt….

Of course some kids are just plain awesome…

Nacho Libre

But the others, the one’s that wordlessly stare at you for hours, are the ones that scare me.

This is really long but oh so worth it.

Creepy Kiddos

Hopefully someday these tiny adults won’t scare me so much…

Happy Sunday all!



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Precious Moments.

Have you ever done something you regret? Often I think back to my “childhood” and think, “NOOOOOO! I did NOT do that… did I?”

Example 1: When I was about seven I had a huge crush on a guy thirteen years my senior. Here’s how the failure went about,I was walking out the door to our car and he was coming in.
He said,”Hi Susanna.”
“Hi!” *as I slam into the glass doors.*


The Office

Example 2: When I was probably ten my friend and I decided it would be a good idea to sing a song for church. So we practice tons of times and we were finally ready for the big day.

It started off great we made it through the first verse and it was time for my friend to do her solo, “……………………………..” nothin. Assuming she had forgotten the words, I tried to remind  her by singing her part quietly. However it came across to everyone else that I was…..challenged.

I never sang a solo again. 🙂

I’ve heard that great moments like that are put in our live to teach us, I’m not sure what hitting a glass door taught me…

The reason I’m sharing this with you though is to show you, you’re not alone. If you’ve ever been….For lack of a better word, awkward. You have some company.

Candid pic.

awkward family #3

I now have a new request for my wedding photographer.

Have a good night all!

Hakuna Matata,

Ciao Baby!





Mr. Banks

There are not many movies that can affect (is it effect? I never know)me, and by affect I mean cry(or rather, sob). On Christmas day my family and I ventured into freezing temperatures and watched, “Saving Mr. Banks.”

You may be thinking, “Really. a stupid movie about Mary Poppins.”


It wasss magical. and tearful, and suuppeerrr good.

These four, they were…a beautiful dream.

Saving Mr Banks     Saving Mr Banks 2

Tom Hanks (Walt Disney)
This man. looked uncannily like Walt Disney. But of course, that wasn’t the only reason he was chosen. He’s played everything from a mentally challenged man to an animated cowboy and everything in between. With each and every role he preformed superbly and this movie was no exception.

Emma Thompson (P.L. Travers)I think my no-homo crush on this women began the first time I saw her in, “Sense and Sensibility” and only grew after this movie, this was no doubt that this was one of, if not,her best acting job.

Annie Rose Buckley (Ginty)
Her first ever movie and what did she do? oh yeah. she became one of the best child actresses that I’ve ever seen. Not even kidding. I was hating her talent through the whole movie.

Colin Farrel (Travers Goff)This guy. Made me cry like a tiny child. There are only a few actors that can successfully make you hate and adore them at the same time. He was one of them in this movie. You hated the man he was to his wife but loved with all your heart how he was to his daughters.

All in all this was an awesome movie and I highly recommended watching it. However, it would be a good plan to go into it with low expectations. Then you’ll never be disappointed.

Have a great Sunday all!
Hakuna Matata!

Ciao baby!


PS Don’t forget to watch Downtown Abbey tonight at 9:00! it’s gonna be awesoooommmmmeeee!

Downton Abbey<<<half of these people are now dead. 😦