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Am I a Nun or a Feminist?

A lady at my church was doing a teaching about purity a few weeks ago and one of the things she said really stood out to me. She said that marriage and singleness are both high callings, one not being greater than the other. This was pretty mind blowing for me.

For a long time I’ve expected that I wouldn’t ever get married, when I say this to people they look at me like I have three heads. I can hear the words “what a feminist” screaming at me though they never say it! 😀 I think many Christians look at marriage as being the highest calling a woman could have. Instead of our purpose in life being to “Glorify God and enjoy him forever” it’s become, “Glorify God and enjoy him with a husband and six kids.” I don’t think this is how God intended marriage to be viewed.

I certainly realize that marriage is a very high calling and that it requires a special woman. However, I don’t think it’s higher than the calling of celibacy and I believe that celibacy also requires a very special kind of woman.

Sometimes Christians see a woman that’s not married and they pity her, they treat her like she missed out on some vital part of life. What I think they don’t realize is that because marriage hasn’t been God’s will for her, because he has decided to take her down a different path, doesn’t mean that she’s less of a christian for that. The lessons that women and men learn from being single are different from those that you might learn from being married, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not equally important. Not being married doesn’t mean that you’re inadequate.

When some people hear the words, “old single woman” I think they usually think of one of three options,

the nun:


The insane cat lady:

Cat lady

Or the angry feminist:


There ARE other options! 😀

When I think of a woman that followed god’s will for her life that turned out to not be marriage, I think of Amy Carmichael.

She served without furlough in India for 55 years saving many, many Indian children from the temple prostitution that was so common. God never opened the door for Amy to get married, personally, I think that, like the apostle Paul, for Amy to have been married may have harmed her ministry in India, instead of bettering it.

I don’t have a clue what God has planned for me, be it marriage or singleness. What I do know is that either way, he does have a plan and I just have to wait and see what it is!

Anyway this is just something that I’ve been thinking about recently that I wanted to share with y’all! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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