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All I want is nothing more than to see Chester at my door. Basset-Hound-puppies-18 My birthday is on Friday. I only asked for one thing, a basset hound puppy named Chester. He will be my best friend and we will live happily ever after. I will feed him only the best and make sure that he has his eye drops. I will teach him his commands in Russian so that I am the only one who can command him. I already wrote him dozens of songs and we will harmonize on the choruses. He will keep the family up every night with his howling and I will love it. He will run as fast as he can to make me happy, basset_hounds_running This is my dream. And if anyone ridicules him I will pull a Rosa Parks, “no” Male_basset_hound ~Susanna



A Good Friend is Hard to Find

One of my dear friends is moving across the country this weekend and it’s made me think a bit more about friendships.

I’m pretty good at making friends, but I can’t retain them and that’s the result of a couple different things.

God has chosen to take away all of my closest friends and for a while I was furious with him. It seemed like whenever I got close to someone God would pack up their family and move them across the country, or to a different country. I was livid. And I’ll be honest with you, I still don’t understand why He is doing this, all I know is that I can trust Him.

The other reason was that I was (and am 🙂 ) one of the meanest kids ever to walk this earth.

While I may not have had them close to me for forever I did have some pretty good memories that will last me a life time.


IMG_0327 IMG_0337IMG_1414Graduation

Btws, all of these friends of mine are beautiful people but apparently we’re incapable of taking a normal picture. 😀

This blog post is in no way supposed to be my pity party of one, it is to honor the dear friends that I’ve had especially the last few years of my life. When you’re growing up, like I am, it’s hard to find good friends that will stick with you no matter what and although not all of mine have stayed in good ole Burlington I know that God has a plan and I hope that the good times have only begun!

Hakuna Matata all,

Ciao Baby!


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I won’t share my bathroom.

The state of California has added “Gender Neutral Bathrooms.”



I’ll just hold it, thank you very much.

My only question is, “What exactly do the commodes look like?”

Sweet toilet

I guess that’s beside the point.

So what is the point? I know that those types of bathrooms are wrong and gross, etc. But, why?

Here’s the thing, I do believe that there are people that are attracted to other people of the same sex. And while I don’t think it’s just a choice to be that way, it is a choice in whether or not you act on those feelings.

Acting on same-sex attraction is still a sin but I would put in the same category with drunkenness and a porn addiction.

It may or may not damage your physical body but it will control your spirit and anything that replaces God in becoming the center of your life, is always a sin. Yes, even if it’s true love.

Buddy the Elf

Let me clear clear then, because the word of God strictly condemns anyone acting on their same-sex attraction, (Leviticus 18:22, ESV) and because our founding father’s revered the Bible, than those bathrooms and any law or  conviction in favor of a gay strictly just because they’re gay is unlawful. If that didn’t make sense let me put it this way, when Thomas Jefferson wrote that all men be treated equally he was saying that no one should be treated better than anyone else, including gays. So if a case is ruled in favor of a gay person simply because they’re gay then we’re not following the laws of our land. It goes the other way around as well, if a person was condemned because of their gender or non gender, then that would be wrong too.

Maybe you’re thinking, why does this little girl even care? Because someday this little girl is going to grow up and personally, I want to live in world where these types of issues have already been cleared up. Where we won’t have to fight these fights or preach these positions anymore. They’ll just be understood and welcomed.

Maybe I’m dreaming of some type of utopia, but I think we could get a lot closer to that utopia than we are now.

Starting by demolishing those gender neutral bathrooms.

Hakuna Matata all,

Ciao baby!