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I’m really an excellent driver…

I got my permit 18 days ago.

Clinically Insane

First day I took a turn going 30 mph and my dad died of a heart attack in the passenger seat.

Second day I drove 5 mph in a 50 mph speed zone.

That was a personal win.

Interstate day was rough,

Cruise Control

But I think my parking is improving.

Parking's Hard.


Other people apparently don’t agree with me,

Stevie Wonder #2

But at least they didn’t disagree for very long,

My Car

So, who wants to car pool?

Hakuna Matata all,

Ciao Baby!



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I Sell Stuff.

Well, I’ve finally succumbed to “Susie Homemaker.”

Not only am I knitting, but now I’m selling my finished products.

Actually it’s pretty exciting. 🙂

So, check out my new Etsy store, because it’s awesome.

Photo on 2014-08-14 at 11.15 #3


I even have a couple employees,

Remember her?


We’re a party and 1/2.

Well, gotta go make a couple dozen hats,

Hakuna Matata,

Ciao y’all!