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The Best Time of My Life


This past weekend my sister and I changed the world.

New normal

We began on Friday, after a chick-fil-a run (not a real run, mind you), and drove 8 hours to the gorgeous city of Nashville, TN.

We landed on a super sketch motel, where I debated putting the dresser in front of the door. I had to nix that idea though, I can’t lift anything over 10lbs, tops.

Saturday began with a lil T n V  (spongebob rocks my world) and then the touring began!

Let me just say, I adore big cities. It’s an obsession.

It helps if the city is as magnificent as Nashville. My favorite part of town has got to be Broadway St. it’s the perfect balance of big city and small town.






But let’s be honest, half the people that work in those bars have never been sober in their lives.


That afternoon we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, I was in awe, as in mouth open and stumbling kind of awe, it was incredible. And I’m so happy that the exhibits were about the true country artists and their music. It wasn’t all just a bunch of Taylor Swift crap (sorry mom, I mean crud).

IMG_0507 IMG_0508 IMG_0510 IMG_0513 IMG_0494  <<THE blue suede shoes.

IMG_0500<<<Hall of Records

The Hall of Fame,


Then came the real dream of dreams.

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel  

IMG_0557 IMG_0556 IMG_0549 IMG_0562 IMG_0560 IMG_0559


oh wonderful mercies.

If you think Holiday Inn is pretty sweet (FYI, I do.) then you have not been to the gem of the crown in hotel heaven.

It fulfilled every dream I have ever had about life really.

photo 4     photo 3

Now, frands. Come into my truth circle.

I am not boy crazy. I’m really not.

But at this hotel, low and behold I spot a fair-haired beauty in the distance.

Granted, chances are he was probably in his twenties.

Engaged, I shouldn’t wonder.

BUT here’s how the scene played out, he comes striding down the hall towards me and we arrive at the elevator at the same time (the girl in me squeals). It only has room for one more person (curse those clearly overweight women inside). And like the true gem I’m sure he is, he let me go instead of him. So boldly I step inside just as the elevator door slams into me. Concussed, I turn and never see prince charming again.

I realize after I have written this that it sounds like I was speaking of a dog, you will never know the truth.


Moving on.

We went to a Dierks Bentley concert on Sunday, it was the icing on the cake.

We came home exhausted, (bless my sister Hannah, she drove for roughly 30 hours the whole weekend combined.) but again, it was everything I have ever dreamed of.

And we truly had the time of our lives,

photo 5

Hakuna Matata,

Ciao baby!