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Robin Hood


Acting is, “Living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” -Meisner 

Back in March I was cast as Robin Hood in the play, “Robin Hood.”

I had only been in two plays previous to this one so getting the lead was completely unbelievable for me. I didn’t know where to start, should I memorize my lines first or figure out the accent? Should I study the myth of Robin Hood or analyze the script? What about the fight scenes? I don’t even know what a parry is!


I had a couple freak outs.

When I began to study my character and figure who he was, I realized that I’m a lot more like Robin than I had thought. He’s a leader, sarcastic, loyal, and incredibly handsome.

Qualities God has also given me.

Still, I had a long way to go.

1. I sound like a little girl.

2. I walk, stand, and sit like a girl.

3. I’m an American.

So I began working on deepening my voice, I watched my brothers and total male strangers…how they walked, stood, and sat. I studied the British (they’re just so much better than Americans, let’s be honest).

Robin Hood #1

Finally it was tech week and time to showcase what I had learned.

Now, I’m sure I still sounded kind of like a girl and my accent was….awful.

I made many mistakes: almost killed people during fight choreography, went out of character on stage, forgot my blocking and lines, I went totally diva on my directors and fellow cast members, and I’m sure many other things that I’m not even aware of!

But despite all my shortcomings, I became Robin Hood.

Robin Hood #5

The shows went so well. I could not have been more happy with how everything turned out! My fellow cast members have all been blessed with a talent and love for acting and it is so much more enjoyable to be around people who love what they do.

Before joining acting back in January I had not been in play for the last three years and coming back has brought to my memory exactly why I love acting. It’s the “oh I’m gonna HURL!” moment before the curtains open, the late nights scrubbing off make-up in the dressing room, the last bow with the entire cast, but mainly for me…It’s the people. You have a choice at the beginning of tech week, you have to decide if those people are going to become your best friends or the people you’d punch if you didn’t love Jesus.

I was lucky, the cast for Robin Hood are now some of my closest friends on earth.

Robin Hood #2 Robin Hood & SheriffRobin Hood & FriarRobin & Judy
This guy was with me through the whole show, giving me much needed tips on my character, helping with nerves, getting me pumped up before each show, and driving me everywhere I needed to be! I love ya Judah!

The Best of the Best:

The Best of the BestFull Cast



God put each and every actress, actor, director, producer, costumer, photographer in the exact place they needed to be and used them to his glory in the lives of the people they were around.

These two friends especially will be greatly missed. They have become good friends to me these past few months not only in the play but off stage as well. Go out and represent Arts Alive to the world lady friends!

Robin Hood & Will ScarlettRobin Hood & Maid Marian


Finally, all praise and credit goes to God for giving me the opportunity and ability to play Robin Hood.

Curtain Call

I can’t wait to see what He has in store next.

Hakuna Matata,


8 thoughts on “Robin Hood

  1. God teaches us all during Tech Week. Thanks for sharing and thanks for playing your part in making the play a success. Plus inspiring and encouraging others in ways you may never know. Keep up the good work!


  2. YOU GO GLEN COCO. Seriously, you were so inspiring up there. And SO. FREAKING. COOL. I felt like a total fangirl. Can’t wait to see what you do next!


  3. I have enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the play. It looks like so much fun and I am sure ya’ll did great! Wish I could have been there.


  4. Hey Susanna!!! I’m sure you did an amazing job!!!! So wish i could of been there!!! At least I get to see a part of it on Wednesday!!!! Keep up your amazing work!! You are very gifted!!!


  5. ❤ ❤ ❤ Couldn't have been a better Robin! ;D And wonderful post. Honored to be a friend of your amazing self! God blessed me immensely watching you guys perform and being a part of it with you! Love ya!


  6. Y’all are the best, thanks so much!!


  7. Great post, Susanna! God is good. I’m so glad He gave you friends and mentors in Arts Alive, and in the coming years you will realize more and more what a treasure that is. Love you!


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