Common Sense

Livin' the dream with hakuna matata!



I love eating.

I am not ashamed of that fact.


Of course I realize that there’s a limit to the amount you should consume.

Fat kid

For some people food can be controlling…

Large one

A life saver…(not the delicious candy)


A job…

Gordan Ramsey

But for most people, food is simply a hobby…When I was little I don’t remember being very interested in food…It was just ya know. Food. But as I got older…It became more, interesting.

This isn’t helpful in the summer time…

Bathing suits

But ya know.  It’s the price you gotta pay.

There is also no way to look like a complete fool when food is involved.

Lil baby fatty

All you gotta do is buy bigger clothes…Or not.


Well in the words of my brother…I may be fat, but you’re ugly…and I can diet! 😉

Hakuna Matata!

Ciao Baby!